Boilers not included within the plan are as follows;

  • Vokera
  • Biasi
  • Raven Heat/ White Boiler Company
  • Farroli
  • Sime
  • Back Boilers
  • Electric Boilers
  • Boilers over 12 years old or in a bad condition at the start the the plan may not be covered and a site visit may be needed.
  • Boiler not installed to current standard.

Boiler repairs are subject to a maximum value of £350 before they are classed as beyond economical repair.

Gas leak trace and repair are subject to additional charge.

Plumbing repairs and subject to maximum value of £300.

Waste and Soil pipe blockages and repairs are not included.

Exclusions, A repair will not be carried out if the boiler system is sledged up. A power flush would have to be carried out and the system clean and system protected before any such repair. If there is no access for the repair to be carried out. Access would have to be provided.

If any element of a repair is too dangerous or no to regulation which hinder any works from being carried out. This must be put right first if not included in within your plan.

If floor boards or any component is removed, dismantled to gain access to a repair we will make the customer aware before any repair is carried out. Only with the customer permission will be try to gain access however we will not be held responsible if any damage is caused. If the customer wants to arrange for someone else to gain access or themselves they can do so and will rearrange for the repair to be carried out once this is done.

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